Bank Robberies

The Great Train Robbery (1963): A gang of criminals in the UK intercepted a Royal Mail teach and stole £2.6 million (equivalent to £50 million nowadays). The heist changed into meticulously deliberate and finished, however maximum of the crowd contributors have been subsequently apprehended.

Banco Central Burglary (2005): In Fortaleza, Brazil, a set of thieves spent 3 months digging a tunnel from a rented residence to the Banco Central. They made off with approximately $70 million, making it one of the most important coins heists in history.

Banco Central Burglary (1987): In Fortaleza, Brazil (unrelated to the 2005 heist), a gang spent 4 months digging a tunnel from a rented house to the Banco Central. They made off with approximately $33 million in coins.

Northern Bank Robbery (2004): In Belfast, Northern Ireland, a group called the “IRA Bank Robbers” stole £26.Five million from the Northern Bank headquarters. The heist was attributed to the IRA, however no one has been convicted in connection with the crime.

United California Bank Robbery (1972): In Laguna Niguel, California, a collection of guys led by Amil Dinsio broke into the United California Bank vault. They made off with an predicted $9 million in coins and valuables, making it one among the largest bank heists in U.S. Records at the time.

Banco Espírito Santo Robbery (1988): In Lisbon, Portugal, an armed gang infiltrated the Banco Espírito Santo and stole about $10 million in coins and jewelry. The heist concerned a hostage state of affairs and a bold escape.

Banco Central of Colombia Robbery (1994): In Valledupar, Colombia, a gang of thieves infiltrated the Banco Central vault and stole around $33 million in coins. The stolen money turned into never completely recovered, and the case stays unsolved.

Securitas Depot Robbery (2006): In Tonbridge, England, a gang kidnapped the supervisor of the Securitas depot along along with his family and forced him to help them scouse borrow £fifty three million (approximately $92 million). The thieves had been in the end caught and taken to justice.

Banco Río Robbery (2006): In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a collection of robbers referred to as the “Robbers of the Century” raided the Banco Río department, taking hostages and escaping with about $19 million. The heist won interest due to the robbers’ courteous conduct toward the hostages.

Banco Central of Brazil Robbery (1983): In Fortaleza, Brazil (unrelated to the alternative Banco Central heists referred to), a gang spent months digging a tunnel to the Banco Central and made off with about $70 million. It turned into one among the largest coins heists in records at the time.

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