India holds the distinction of having the second-largest agricultural land area globally. In rural regions ,nearly 60% of households depend on agriculture for their livelihood. However, the sector faces challenges like outdated machinery

Top 10 Agritech Startups in India Empowering Farmers

Apna Godam

Apna Godam is a pioneering post-harvest solution company specializing in the non-perishable category. It holds the distinction of being the first online Mandi, not only in Rajasthan but also across India. As a comprehensive platform, it facilitates spot trading of commodities while also offering valuable services like Warehousing, Commodity Finance, and Logistic solutions.

The unique advantage of Apna Godam is that it empowers farmers to sell their commodities to buyers anywhere in the country without the need to physically travel. The company takes charge of managing the logistics through a well-established network of logistic partners, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation.

Here are five steps that describe its functions:

Storage and Inventory Management: The primary function of Apna Godam (warehouse) is to provide a secure and organized space for storing goods and merchandise. It allows businesses to stockpile products in large quantities, facilitating better inventory management and supply chain optimization.

Safekeeping and Protection: Warehouses are designed to safeguard the stored goods from theft, damage, and adverse environmental conditions. They often have security measures in place ,such as surveillance systems, access controls, and fire safety equipment ,ensuring the goods remain in good condition until they are ready for distribution.

Distribution and Order Fulfillment: A well-organized warehouse plays a crucial role in the distribution process. When customer orders are received, the warehouse staff picks, packs, and ships the items to their respective destinations. Efficient order fulfillment from a central location helps businesses meet customer demands promptly.

Consolidation and Sorting: Warehouses often serve as consolidation points, where products from different suppliers or production facilities are brought together. This allows for efficient sorting and preparation of mixed orders, streamlining the shipping process and reducing transportation costs.

Buffer in Supply Chain: Warehouses act as buffers in the supply chain, providing a cushion against fluctuations in demand and supply. During times of excess production or low demand, goods can be stored in the warehouse until market conditions improve. Similarly, during peak demand periods, warehouses can release stored products to meet customer needs promptly.

Aarav Unmanned Systems

While not primarily an agricultural startup, Aarav Unmanned Systems has found significant utility in the agriculture sector through its drone technology. Originally established at some of the nation’s leading engineering universities, the company specializes in drones and has extended its services to benefit the agricultural domain.

Aarav Unmanned Systems’ drone technology proves highly valuable in various industries, including surveys, inspections, mapping, and precise farming. In agriculture, their drones play a vital role in enhancing irrigation systems, applying fertilizers and pesticides, and detecting potential issues at an early stage, aiding farmers with efficient and precise agricultural practices.

Here are five steps that describe its functions:

Aarav Unmanned Systems Overview: Aarav Unmanned Systems is a company that specializes in developing and providing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions. UAS, commonly known as drones ,are aircraft operated without a human pilot on board ,controlled remotely or autonomously.

Drone Design and Manufacturing: OOne of the primary functions of Aarav Unmanned Systems is the design and manufacturing of high-quality drones. They focus on developing advanced UAS technologies with a range of capabilities ,including fixed-wing and multi-rotor configurations. These drones are tailored to meet specific industry needs ,such as surveillance, mapping, agriculture, and delivery applications.

Customized Solutions: Aarav Unmanned Systems offers customized drone solutions to cater to various industries and sectors. They collaborate with clients to understand their unique requirements and then design specialized UAS platforms and payloads to address specific challenges. This approach enables businesses to leverage drone technology effectively for their applications.

Training and Support: Aarav Unmanned Systems provides training and support services to ensure clients can efficiently operate their drones. Their team of experts offers training programs for drone operators, covering flight operations, safety protocols, maintenance, and data analysis. Additionally, they provide ongoing technical support to address any issues that may arise during drone operations.

Research and Development: Aarav Unmanned Systems emphasizes continuous research and development efforts to stay at the forefront of drone technology. They invest in exploring new capabilities ,improving flight performance ,extending battery life ,enhancing payloads, and integrating cutting-edge sensors and software. By staying innovative ,the company aims to meet evolving market demands and provide state-of-the-art UAS solutions to its customers.


AgricxLab serves as a vital link between cold storage facility operators and bulk consumers of agricultural products. Leveraging the power of machine learning and computer vision, this startup evaluates the quality of produce. Moreover, AgricxLab also offers warehouse space for lease to its customers, providing a comprehensive solution to the agricultural supply chain.

AgricxLab offers a cutting-edge SaaS stack powered by AI, catering to businesses and organizations involved in the manufacturing, storage, and transportation of agricultural products. Their innovative solution revolutionizes the agricultural sector, bringing efficiency and advanced technology to every step of the supply chain.

Agricx Lab
Here are five steps that describe its functions:

Quality Assessment: AgricxLab offers a platform for farmers, traders, and other stakeholders to assess the quality of agricultural produce quickly and accurately. Through the use of computer vision and artificial intelligence, the company’s mobile application allows users to capture images of crops or produce. These images are then analyzed by the platform to determine quality parameters such as ripeness, freshness, and any potential defects.

Standardization and Grading: The platform applies industry-standard grading systems to the agricultural produce based on the analysis results. This helps to ensure that the produce meets the required quality standards and enables fair pricing in the market. Standardization and grading play a vital role in promoting transparency and reducing information asymmetry in the agricultural supply chain.

Data-driven Decision Making: AgricxLab’s technology generates valuable data insights about the quality and condition of crops. This data can be utilized by various stakeholders ,including farmers ,traders ,and food processors ,to make informed decisions about pricing, storage, transportation, and market access. Data-driven decision-making contributes to more efficient operations and improved overall productivity in the agricultural sector.

Market Linkages: By providing accurate quality assessments, AgricxLab facilitates better market linkages for farmers and traders. The platform’s standardized grading allows farmers to connect with potential buyers or markets that demand specific quality levels, resulting in improved market access and higher economic returns for the farmers.

Traceability and Consumer Confidence: AgricxLab’s technology also enables traceability in the agricultural supply chain. The platform records and stores data related to the origin, quality, and movement of the produce. This traceability feature enhances transparency and builds consumer confidence, as end consumers can track the source and quality of the agricultural products they purchase.


Aibono empowers farmers with its advanced farming technology and intelligence, enabling them to significantly boost their crop yields. The company positions itself as a leading provider of comprehensive farm management services. Through Aibono, farmers can delegate various aspects of production planning, farm measurement, and decision-making, streamlining their agricultural operations for improved productivity and success.

Through meticulous daily adjustments, Aibono has achieved remarkable yield increases of up to 50% for farmers. The startup boasts a team of skilled agronomists and data scientists who leverage farming data to provide valuable advice and insights to farmers. 

Here are five steps that describe its functions:

Agricultural Technology Solutions Provider: Aibono is an Agricultural technology Company that operates as a Solutions provider in the agricultural sector. It leverages cutting-edge technology and data-driven approaches to enhance Agricultural practices and productivity.

Precision Farming and Crop Management: Aibono specializes in precision farming ,which involves the use of advanced techniques such as data analytics, sensors ,and artificial intelligence to optimize crop management. Through real-time monitoring and analysis, Aibono helps farmers make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and pest control.



Personalized Farming Recommendations: Aibono employs machine learning algorithms and historical data to generate personalized farming recommendations for individual farmers. These recommendations take into account factors like soil health, weather conditions, and crop-specific requirements, enabling farmers to achieve better yields and reduce wastage.

Direct Market Linkage: Aibono also facilitates direct market linkage for farmers, connecting them with potential buyers and ensuring fair pricing for their produce. By streamlining the supply chain, Aibono helps farmers access wider markets, leading to increased profitability and sustainability.

Sustainable and Efficient Agriculture: The core function of Aibono revolves around promoting sustainable and efficient agricultural practices. By empowering farmers with technology-driven insights and market access, Aibono contributes to reducing resource wastage, minimizing environmental impact, and fostering economic growth in the agriculture sector.


Agrowave, an agritech company, aims to revolutionize the way farmers reach markets and establish sustainable supply chain management. Their mission is to streamline commerce for farmers by eliminating intermediaries and ensuring fair compensation for their commodities. 

Agrowave adopts a farm-to-business approach with the help of machine learning. Their expertise facilitates seamless delivery of farm-fresh foods to urban residents, making access to fresh and high-quality produce easier than ever before.

To support farmers and enhance convenience, Agrowave has established multiple pick-up stations, sparing them from lengthy trips when selling their produce. Using a user-friendly smartphone app available on iOS and Android, farmers can list their food for sale, and delivery vehicles pick it up at the gates or designated pick-up points. The app also facilitates secure and hassle-free payments. Deliveries are efficiently organized along pre-determined routes, ensuring fresh produce reaches customers promptly.

Here are five steps that describe its functions:

Food Preservation: Agrowave plays a crucial role in food preservation by utilizing microwave technology to kill harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and molds. Microwave heating can effectively pasteurize and sterilize food items, extending their shelf life and maintaining their nutritional value.

Rapid Heating: Agrowave facilitates rapid and uniform heating of food products, reducing cooking or processing time significantly compared to traditional methods. This feature makes it ideal for commercial food establishments and consumers seeking quick and convenient meal preparation.

Nutrient Retention: The use of microwave technology in Agrowave helps preserve the essential nutrients present in food. As the heating process is faster and more localized ,there is less loss of vitamins ,minerals ,and other valuable nutrients that are prone to degradation during traditional cooking methods.


Energy Efficiency: Agrowave is designed to be energy-efficient ,utilizing microwave radiation to heat food directly ,rather than heating the surrounding air like conventional ovens. This results in reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Versatility: Agrowave’s technology allows it to be versatile in its applications. Besides food preservation and cooking, it can be used for various processes like defrosting frozen foods, tempering chocolate, and proofing dough in baking. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset in both commercial food processing industries and home kitchens.


Absolute offers cutting-edge IoT and sensor-based farm control systems. Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) devices equipped with sensors, along with hardware-based systems and satellite sources, the company utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to provide real-time crop insights. This innovative approach enables farmers to make data-driven decisions, optimizing agricultural practices for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Absolute provides comprehensive solutions for indoor farming, vertical open agriculture, and greenhouses.

Here are five steps that describe its functions:

Agricultural Data Collection:  Absolute Farming is a technology-based solution designed to enhance agricultural practices. One of its primary functions is to collect and analyze agricultural data from various sources ,such as sensors ,drones ,and satellite imagery. This data includes information on soil health ,weather conditions ,crop growth, and other relevant factors that impact farming.

Precision Farming Planning: Using the collected data, Absolute Farming employs advanced analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms to create precise farming plans. These plans are tailored to optimize crop yields and resource usage, including water, fertilizers, and pesticides. By implementing precision farming techniques, farmers can improve efficiency and minimize waste.

Real-Time Monitoring: Another key function of Absolute Farming is real-time monitoring of farming operations. The platform allows farmers to remotely track the health and progress of their crops and receive timely alerts about any potential issues. This helps farmers make informed decisions and take corrective actions promptly, contributing to better crop management.



Automation and Remote Control: Absolute Farming enables the automation of various farming tasks through smart devices and machinery. For instance, it can control irrigation systems, adjust nutrient levels in soil, or activate drones for aerial surveys. Such automation reduces the need for manual labor and ensures more consistent and precise operations.

Decision Support and Insights: The platform offers valuable insights and decision support to farmers through comprehensive data analysis and predictive modeling. It helps farmers identify trends, potential risks, and opportunities for improvement. By empowering farmers with data-driven recommendations, Absolute Farming contributes to better decision-making and ultimately, higher agricultural productivity.


BigHaat serves as an online platform where farmers can share information and gain insights into various aspects of agriculture. The organization offers an extensive array of goods and services, including farming consulting and crop nutrition solutions.

BigHaat serves as a comprehensive global marketplace and resource center for farmers and farm owners. The platform offers valuable assistance in the field, along with farm equipment maintenance and repair services.

In collaboration with Microsoft, BigHaat has developed KisanVedika, a unique platform that allows native speakers of local languages to respond to queries and address issues effectively.

Big Haat
BigHaat is an e-commerce platform that caters to the agricultural sector in India. Here are the functions of BigHaat in five steps:

Online Agri-input Marketplace: BigHaat serves as an online marketplace for agricultural inputs, providing a platform for farmers to buy various agri-inputs conveniently. Farmers can browse and purchase a wide range of products ,including seeds ,fertilizers ,pesticides, and other agricultural essentials.

Access to Quality Products: One of BigHaat’s key functions is to ensure that farmers have access to high-quality agri-inputs from reputed brands. By collaborating with trusted suppliers and manufacturers, BigHaat aims to offer genuine and reliable products to enhance agricultural productivity.

Crop Advisory and Knowledge Sharing: BigHaat goes beyond just selling products; it also provides valuable information and crop advisory services to farmers. Through its platform, farmers can access expert guidance on crop management, pest control, irrigation techniques, and other agronomic practices to optimize their yields.  


Timely Delivery and Support: The platform focuses on efficient logistics to ensure timely delivery of agri-inputs to farmers’ doorsteps. Additionally, BigHaat’s customer support team assists farmers with any queries or concerns related to their purchases, making the overall buying experience smoother.

Digital Payment and Transparent Transactions: BigHaat facilitates digital payment options, promoting a cashless economy and ensuring secure transactions. This transparency builds trust among farmers and allows them to track their orders and payments easily.


Bijak is a B2B trading network facilitating seamless connections between buyers and sellers of agricultural products. Beyond its trading capabilities, the platform serves as an efficient accounting program, allowing users to manage financial transactions and procurement in a single, user-friendly location.

In addition to facilitating commerce between buyers and sellers, Bijak also provides financial assistance for the purchase of agricultural products. This unique feature empowers agricultural businesses by offering them financial support, further enhancing their trading capabilities and contributing to the growth of the agricultural sector.

The function of Bijak for buyers and sellers of agricultural products can be summarized in five steps:

Digital Agri-Marketplace: Bijak serves as a digital agri-marketplace ,providing a platform where buyers and sellers of agricultural products can connect and conduct trade. It creates a virtual space where farmers ,traders ,wholesalers, and retailers can interact, negotiate, and finalize transactions.

Price Discovery and Transparency: Bijak facilitates price discovery for agricultural commodities. Sellers can list their products with details such as quantity, quality, and price, while buyers can browse through the available listings. This transparency helps both parties make informed decisions, ensuring fair market prices and reducing information asymmetry.


Access to Wider Markets: One of Bijak’s key functions is enabling farmers and small-scale traders to access a broader market. By going digital, sellers can showcase their produce to buyers from different regions, states, or even countries. This widens their reach and enhances the possibility of getting better prices for their products.

Secure and Timely Payments: Bijak offers secure payment options for both buyers and sellers, providing a reliable channel for financial transactions. It ensures timely payment to farmers and sellers, which is crucial for sustaining their livelihoods and encouraging their participation in the platform.

Logistics and Transportation Support: Bijak often collaborates with logistics and transportation partners to facilitate the smooth movement of agricultural goods from the seller’s location to the buyer’s destination. This ensures that the produce reaches its intended market in a timely and efficient manner, reducing wastage and optimizing supply chain efficiency.

Bharat Agri

BharatAgri extends comprehensive support to farmers, offering valuable guidance on crop selection and cultivation. The platform provides essential information on pesticides, weather predictions, and customized advice based on soil analysis. Through early cost-benefit analysis, BharatAgri empowers farmers to optimize manufacturing yield, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve higher productivity in their agricultural endeavors.

BharatAgri is driven by a mission to digitally educate farmers, empowering them to enhance the quality of their harvests. 

BharatAgri employs a comprehensive approach, offering assistance to farmers at every stage of farming through both offline and online channels, including WhatsApp and In-App chat support. The agribusiness not only provides improved digital farming services to farmers in need of technical support but has also transitioned to the B2F (Business to Farmer) model, further enhancing its commitment to serving and empowering farmers in the digital era.

Here are five steps that describe its functions:

Agricultural Technology Platform: Bharat Agri functions as an agricultural technology platform that aims to empower farmers in India with innovative solutions and tools to enhance their agricultural practices.


Personalized Crop Advisory: One of Bharat Agri’s key functions is providing personalized crop advisory services to farmers. Through the use of data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the platform delivers tailored guidance on crop selection, cultivation techniques, pest management, and fertilization based on individual farm requirements.

Bharat Agri

Weather Forecasting and Alerts: Bharat Agri leverages weather data and satellite information to offer real-time weather forecasting and alerts to farmers. This helps farmers make informed decisions about when to sow, irrigate, or take necessary precautions in the face of adverse weather conditions, minimizing potential losses.

Market Information and Price Trends: The platform also facilitates access to market information and price trends, enabling farmers to make better decisions about selling their produce. By staying informed about market demands and prices, farmers can plan their harvesting and selling strategies more efficiently.

Digital Farmer Community: Bharat Agri fosters a digital farmer community, allowing farmers to connect, share experiences, and seek advice from peers and agricultural experts. This interactive platform encourages knowledge exchange, facilitates learning, and promotes best practices, ultimately helping farmers improve their agricultural outcomes.


Cropin integrates farming with business intelligence and corporate resource planning. Their mobile application enables farmers and landowners to embrace data-driven farming practices, leveraging advanced technology to make informed decisions and optimize agricultural operations.

Cropin empowers farmers by providing essential infrastructure to maximize their agricultural capabilities and kickstart their businesses.

Leveraging AI algorithms and big data analytics, Cropin closely monitors farms, employing satellite images and geotagging for efficient land monitoring.

Here are five steps that describe its functions:

Digital Farm Management: Cropin provides a comprehensive digital farm management platform that enables farmers to monitor and manage their agricultural operations efficiently. Through this platform, farmers can access real-time data about their crops ,weather conditions ,soil health ,and other critical parameters. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions and optimizing farm productivity.

Crop Monitoring and Predictive Analytics: Cropin leverages advanced technologies like satellite imagery, remote sensing, and AI-driven analytics to monitor crops throughout their growth cycle. By analyzing the data collected from these sources, the platform can provide predictive insights on potential crop diseases, pest attacks, and yield estimation. This early-warning system helps farmers take timely actions to protect their crops and enhance yields.


Supply Chain Transparency: Cropin’s platform facilitates end-to-end visibility and transparency in the agricultural supply chain. From farm to fork, the platform tracks the movement of produce, quality parameters, and storage conditions, ensuring traceability and compliance with regulatory standards. This level of transparency is essential for building trust among consumers and enabling sustainable sourcing practices for agribusinesses.

Decision Support System: Cropin’s decision support system assists farmers and agribusinesses in making data-driven decisions at every stage of the agricultural value chain. Whether it’s planning crop rotations, selecting the right seeds, optimizing irrigation schedules, or managing post-harvest activities, the platform provides valuable insights and recommendations based on historical and real-time data.

Farmer Empowerment and Financial Inclusion: Cronin’s technology not only benefits large agribusinesses but also empowers smallholder farmers. By equipping farmers with digital tools and information, Cropin helps bridge the digital divide in rural areas. This, in turn, promotes financial inclusion, as farmers can access credit and insurance services more easily with the support of reliable data on their farming practices and productivity.